Welcome to Chronorama.ch

Chronorama.ch is the official distributor of the group's brands Riba Watch. A group with several brands to its credit such as : RSW, Rama, Murex, Optima, Mercury, Geovani, Marc Enzo et Faros. All these brands target their own markets and offer different designs and worlds. You can find the details and history of these brands on our page dedicated to the latter.

Chronorama.ch was launched in 2018 to facilitate the distribution of brands by the group. Indeed, being a family business and wishing to keep this culture, the leaders wished to simplify the sales process to the maximum in order to guaranteeing optimal prices and quality.

Nowadays Chronorama.ch offers you watches stamped “Swiss made” in order to guarantee a quality that is historically and globally recognised. In addition, the directors wish to provide customer service on a par with the best.

“We are proud and involved when a customer chooses one of our watches.”


A dedicated customer support team is available to help you choose your watch until the product is received, and more.

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