Murex was the first brand to come out of the RibaWatch stable (there are now five different brands,each tailored to different markets) and is the embodiment of Swiss quality.
Murex specialises in a wide range of fashionable quartz watches, with around 20 new models being introduced each year. Every model is engineered and assembled at the RibaWatch factory in Le Locle. In some cases, the craftsman ship and precision involved mean that production can take several months. The brand has two collections: a fashion collection and a diamond range.
The watches, made of stainless steel, may feature different plating, such as rhodium, rose gold, black or white ceramic– as well as mother-of-pearl, diamonds, sapphires and other valuable gems.

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Créée en 2005, la collection de montres GEOVANI est axée sur le luxe et l'exclusivité. Bien que l'accent soit mis sur le design, la qualité et la finition associées aux montres suisses sont un gage de succès. La marque a été créée en perspective pour devenir une marque reconnue parmi les manufactures de montres de luxe. La collection de montres a d'abord été présentée dans plusieurs gammes avec des diamants, principalement pour femmes. Aujourd'hui, elle s'est diversifiée en ajoutant des produits pour hommes, serties de diamants ou non, respectant l'élégance et le raffinement suisse. Tous les garde-temps et leurs mouvements à quartz sont assemblés à la main dans l’atelier de la société à Le Locle, au cœur du pays horloger suisse. Des bijoux de haute qualité sont utilisés à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur du cadran et toutes les montres offrent une résistance à l'eau jusqu'à 10 ATM.

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THE BEAUTY OF OPTIMA watches lies in their detail. A glance at any one of the brand’s pieces reveals that its construction has been carefully thought about
From metals and mother-of-pearl through to precious stones, Optima combines different materials in layers to create an understated relief effect on the watch dial. This approach, incorporating several different components to create an effect, makes the watches stand out. Another thing that unites OPTIMA watches is elegance. For a watch to attain the level of elegance the brand demands it must first be of a size that will enhance the wrist–for men, this means watch cases range from 42mm to 45mm and for ladies, from 34mm to 40mm.

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Mercury watches are designed to be fit for purpose, no matter what the conditions. In fact, every watch is the result of more than six months’ engineering and takes at least three months to manufacture–partly because the watch cases and the atachments between bezels and straps are crafted to ensure durability and strength..
As you’d expect, all cases are made of stainless steel and feature multifunction’s as chronographs. A look at the collections confirms their appeal to those simply looking for an active aesthetic.
While every Mercury watch looks reassuringly strong and durable, that’s no barrier to a wide range of styles. Many come with a choice of straps– metal, leather or rubber– and all with a choice of a silver, gold, rose-gold or black finish.

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Created In 2016, MARC ENZO is the last brand MUREX GROUP chose to distribute in Lebanon. Ladies Hold your breath when watching a MARC ENZO watch display ! Last tendances, colours, shining stones and fashion are sparkling out from the windows MARC ENZO watches are put in. This brand is made in France and made for Lebanon.

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Marc Enzo

Marc Enzo was founded by Ribawatch in 2015 and launched in Baselworld 2016. It is a fresh brand that aims to bring a new concept and to refresh the market: It is a fashion brand with colors and designs oriented for young dynamic people who like to wear good quality product that is distinguishable from any other item in the market. Marc Enzo watches are made in France watches, All stainless steel with different choices of plantings: Gold, Rhodium (white gold), and Rose gold. As well as different color dials and straps: from blue to red with white and black colors.
Beside the watch, Marc Enzo is also jewellery and accessories brand for Women made in stainless steel. With a very wide collection, Marc Enzo is mainly dedicated to young women that are looking for distinguish their selves with exclusives fashion pieces and are looking for extra shining look to match with their everyday outfits.


1914-2018: A century of passion
More than 100 years ago, as a talented young watchmaker decided to open a watch shop, he was paving the way for a century of passion. All designed and developed to match contemporary trends, there is always something ‘extra’ with a Rama watch.
With models that Keep Rama ahead in the innovation stakes. Rama timepieces are made in Switzerland, designed and produced in the watch valley Le Locle



More than 100 years ago, a talented young watchmaker decided to open a watch shop. His Son, R. Marachly, took over the family business 37 years later and relocated to Bienne, in Switzerland.
. In 1983 the brand was the brand was relaunched under the name RSW–Standing for RAMA SWISS WATCH-with a clear philosophy : to produce niche timepieces under the brand’s own name.
Today, RSW offers several products lines, all designed and developed to match contemporary trends.There is always something ‘extra’ with an RSW watch. With models that Keep RSW ahead in the innovation stakes. RSW timepieces are made in Switzerland, designed and produced in the watch valley Le Locle.
In 2018, the brand has been acquired by the Ribawatch Group, the combination of the two companies within a new group will allow to grow the company international development. RSW now have the means to carry out a new vision as we enter an era where the brand is defined by its values and history.