1. If one of the customer wants to return one of the purshased articles to chronorama.ch, he has to do it within 30 days. Chronorama.ch will return all items without any trace of use and in their original package (included Box and manual of use)

2. Already paid articles, according to client choice, will be refund on his bank or postal account, exchanged or will be put to the credit of the client account on chronorama.ch

3. Freight charges for returns will be charged to the customer except in case of error from chornorama.ch in which case freight cost will also be refund.

4. The gifts and special premium with relation to the order value has to be returned if the minimum amount for the obtention of the gift/premium is no more exceed, this can be the case also for the partial returns. If not returned, premium and gifts will be invoiced to Customer.