RIBAWATCH is the official online shop of the great and prestigious Ribawatch Company which is a luxury items and more specifically watches creator.


In 1990, Wasfi Taher earned his degree in Business administration from the Arab University of Beirut. He flew to Switzerland attracted by its long watchmaking tradition. Strongly determined to succeed, he establish partnerships with several Swiss watch manufactures and position his self as retailer.

In Mid-nineties, he created his own company, Ribawatch, with headquarters based in Le Locle, Switzerland, in the heart of Swiss watch valley. Today, Ribawatch has reach beyond M. Taher expectations, Operating in 6 different Brand, each one target a different market segment with much success.


«During last 20 Years, I built my company with the goal to produce the best possible quality of products along with competitive seducing prices.» "JI earned the respect and confidence of retailers all around the world and I am glad to support their investment when they choose to work with one of my brands."